Using a Funded Proposal to Build Your Business

What is a Funded Proposal?

A Funded Proposal or Feeder Program is simply completing an initial sale to your prospect before you offer them your main product. Normally this is done by selling a low cost information product or low cost introductory product or service.

Besides providing a low cost and effective way to build your business, each of the systems I’ve been using also provide excellent training inside and all you have to do to succeed is actually follow it!  Whether experienced Internet marketer or newbie, if you’re wanting to maximize your effectiveness on-line, you should be using a Funded Proposal system.

I’m currently using several funded proposal systems for building my prospect list and my primary business.

  • Free Toolbox is the “ultimate tool” to enhance anything you are doing and not replace it. It compliments YOUR primary program! Free members and get tons of free digital products (limit of 5 downloads per 24 hours). The site features the video series, “101 Ways to Build Your Business.”
  • TrafficLeads2IncomeVM is a complete Tip of the Funnel Marketing System that will get you started capturing leads for your primary business for FREE. Upgraded members can create unlimited lead capture pages and enjoy many other benefits.
  • The Prosperity Marketing System allows you to create your own fully customized downline builder and promote up to 16 programs of YOUR choice!

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