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A Healthy Twist

As a youngster, I didn’t pay much attention to health or nutrition because like most, I figured I was indestructible. But, over the years I have become more aware of the importance of good health.

The past few years, especially, have taught me otherwise and as my body ages, it is now feeling the results of years of ignoring those things I should have been doing to stay healthy.

I am now paying more attention to all those things I ignored for so long. You know, things like exercise, eating the right foods, quitting smoking, and getting the right nutrition for my body.

In support of my new learning about health issues, I launched another website called A Better Health Plan where I explore medical issues and hopefully offer some old and novel ways of improving health.

Can We Trust the Medical Profession?

Like many before me, I listened to a recording called “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” and learned how the traditional medical profession has failed in providing the essential health care needed for a long and healthy life.  It really made sense to me then and seemed to confirm many of the things I believed. Things like how our food does not contain the nutrients that we need for healthy living and how medical doctors don’t really heal anything – rather they only treat the symptoms.

I knew those things were true, but didn’t do anything about it.

Over the intervening months, I listened to more by Dr. Wallach and others including Dr. Peter Glidden, pharmacist Ben Fuchs, and Dr. Cory Gold. As all that information seeped into my brain, I was becoming more convinced I should begin to take control over my heatlh.

My interest was re-awakened and I began doing something about it.


Since my other businesses were stabilizing, I believed I now had a bit more time to devote to a new business venture. And, Youngevity fit well into my overall business philosophy of building multiple streams of “complimentary” income. It did not compete with anything else, but actually ADDED to the overall gist of what I was doing.

So I pulled the trigger and spent $10 to become a rep in Youngevity.  I spent the next month learning more about the products, the business, and how I might market it.

Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, founded in 1997 by Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND and Dr. Ma Lan, MS, MD, offers more than 400 products to support a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, gourmet coffee, weight management, and mineral makeup. They also include a very limited selection of GoFoods products.

I knew that I didn’t want to start marketing the business until I had a chance to become a product of the product and experience how the products worked for me. Both Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden were teaching the importance of getting on a gluten free diet, and since that was something I could do essentially for free… I began there.

OMG… within a month, a rash that I have had on my right foot for over a year that the MD’s were treating with no results began to clear up. WOW… just by altering my diet (no wheat, barley, rye, or oats) was making a positive impact on my health. I still had not began using the nutritional supplements sold by Youngevity, and figured now would be a good time to start.

So, in July set up my autoship with the Healthy Start Pak and began nutrifying my body with the 90 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids our bodies need. Within months, I lost almost 10 pounds and notice that I’m not craving food like I used to.

It will take a little more time for my other issues (high blood pressure, cholesterol, pre-diabetic condition, and periodontal disease) to get resolved and I will need to adjust my supplements to address those specific issues. But, it only makes sense that it will take a little more time to reverse decades of unhealthy eating habits and nutritional deficiencies.

But… I am now on the road to recovery and am excited about sharing the mission of better health and wealth with Youngevity.  I have been getting the 90 essential nutrients with the Youngevity Healthy Start Pak for many months now combined with changing my diet to include more gluten free products and less wheat, barley, rye, and oats. As a result, I have lost weight and am on track to improving my diabetic condition.

These supplements have been at the core of my building my immune system to ward off SARS-CoV-2.

I invite you to learn more about how Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden, and others can help your health conditions using these products from Youngevity.

Besides the Healthy Start Pak, I am pleased to be able to purchase from Youngevity a source of clean and safe food.  GoFoods is a specialty food and beverage company featuring high quality “just add water” food and beverages for people on the go and is the global leader in extended shelf-life nutrition.

People are now more empowered than ever to take control of their health and provide their families a more healthy lifestyle with nutritional supplementation and high quality food.

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