Network Marketing

In the late ’90’s, I got involved with Amway – or more specifically their new program called Quixtar. It was billed as a revolutionary step combining network marketing and the Internet. Being somewhat familiar with Amway as perhaps the largest network marketing company and knowing what I knew about the Internet, I thought this could be a perfect fit.

I quickly discovered I was wrong. It’s old “Industrial Age” marketing concepts simply did not fit what I knew was available to me using the Internet. Not only did Amway not leverage the power of the Internet with Quixtar, they actually forbid any online prospecting and using the global nature of the Internet for building a business. I stuck with it for two years thinking they might actually “see the light” and begin allowing us to use the power of the web. Eventually I realized they remained stuck in old school network marketing and their venture onto the web was merely window dressing – having only the ability to order your products from a web page.

Needless to say, I let my membership in Quixtar to lapse. 

My interest in the network marketing business model did not fade, though.  I spent a lot of time reading and studying this method of marketing and really started to see the benefits of it.

My Internet business and multiple steams of income continued to grow over the next few years and in January, 2000 I quit my full-time job at Douglas Photographic Imaging to pursue my Internet enterprise full time.

Within a short time one of my websites, the Cyberguide to Wichita caught the attention of a local television station and was featured on a TV news report.

Over The Top

Then, I met Zig Ziglar and was introduced to his new business – The Zig Ziglar Network. I knew immediately that was what I was to do. Finally, there was a network marketing company that embraced the power of the Internet and was leveraging it to it’s fullest.

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